UberEATS London Sucks – Why You Should Avoid Them

UberEATS has been trying to expand their food delivery service in London over the last 6 months, to compete with other delivery services such as Deliveroo. Unfortunately though, they seem to have one major flaw – the inability to deliver hot food.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve used their food delivery services three times. The food has arrived cold every time – even if it’s delivered promptly, although that doesn’t always happen. If there are any delays delivering the food, all bets are off and it’s highly likely it will arrive as cold as a penguin’s private parts! I’ve written a couple of reviews of UberEATS London on this blog, and you can read more of them here.

UberEATS London and Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)

The most recent experience was earlier this week. I ordered a burger and two portions of chips totalling just under £20 from Patty & Bun near Liverpool Street. The order status updated very quickly to say that the food was being prepared, and then not long afterwards that it was ready. However it then just sat there… Eventually, after about 30 minutes, it updated again to say that the courier was on their way.

I was a little concerned at this point that the food would arrive cold, and lo and behold UberEATS made sure it did! It eventually arrived 1 hour after ordering, and it wasn’t just luke-warm – it was actually cold to the touch. The chips were in a paper bag, and the burger was simply wrapped in paper too. They were all carried in a thin paper bag with not the slightest trace of any insulation.

As I’m currently recovering from an ankle operation, it wasn’t possible for me to go out and find something else to eat, so I had to make do. Otherwise, the food would have ended up in the bin.

UberEATS Customer Service

There’s a feature within the UberEATS app that allows you to give feedback on your meal. As I wanted UberEATS to learn from my experiences, I used this to tell them that the food was cold. I also used their Help facility to give them feedback on my experiences.

It was disappointing, but not really surprising, to receive a reply saying they were sorry my food was cold. It went on to say they only partner with the best quality restaurants, and do their best blah blah blah. I wasn’t happy with this dismissive reply, so mentioned again that the food had clearly been sitting on the counter waiting for them for 30 minutes, and this wasn’t really acceptable.

I received another dismissive reply stating that they couldn’t offer any compensation (strange, as I hadn’t asked for any). They suggested I give them another chance, and that I’d find the majority of orders to be high quality. Not quite sure how they worked that one out, as so far they have a 3 out of 3 hit rate for poor quality deliveries. I guess their maths is as good as their delivery service.

So as it stands, my experience shows that unfortunately UberEATS London is not yet ready to take over from your local restaurant’s delivery service. Unless you like your food delivered cold, and with a side-order of poor service.

If you want to try them out for yourselves, use promo code eats-edh1524ue to get £10 off your first order.

2 Replies to “UberEATS London Sucks – Why You Should Avoid Them”

    I am not actually surprised UberEATS has a one-star rating.
    My ordered food today on the website, a driver eventually called her to tell her to Uber Customer Support to follow up on her order. The driver cancelled our order simply because he could not find our address!?!?!
    I have called the restaurant to complain, considering that we could not find any customer service contact number anywhere online and on UberEATS website, to be told to reorder.
    You’re having a laugh :-(. It was really clear to us that both parties are useless!
    My wife’s card was charged by UberEATS when I tried to reorder our food directly from the restaurant I was told to do it again trough the UberEATS app.
    Utterly disgrace!!!

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