Short Photography Break in Tuscany – May 2016

Sunset over the Agriturismo Baccoleno near Asciano in Tuscany

One of my favourite places to visit is Tuscany in Italy. The beautiful scenery, great weather, fantastic wines and amazing food mean it’s always a pleasure to spend time there. My first visit was in 2003, and since then I’ve been back a number of times. The amazing scenery makes it a great place to go on a photography trip too.

My last visit was in September 2015 as part of a driving tour, but as it was a short stay I didn’t really have enough time to do any photography. Therefore I decided to return in early 2016, along with camera and tripod, to take some photos.

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UberEATS London and Chuck Burger Bar Review

I’ve been stuck at home for the last 5 weeks (see here for the reason why), and tonight I wasn’t in the mood for cooking. I really fancied some takeaway, specifically a burger and chips!. I’ve used Deliveroo previously, but wasn’t overly impressed last time as they took ages to get the order to me. Also they now seem to have a smaller choice of restaurants where I live.

So this time I decided to give UberEATS a try, and see how they compared. They have a good choice of restaurants, and I was glad to see a few burger restaurants listed. Continue reading “UberEATS London and Chuck Burger Bar Review”